If sleeping is until the sun is warm, high tea at eleven, a sedate lunch, afternoon nap, leisurely stroll along the beach, dinner as six, a hand of rummy, a sherry and into bed at nine is your idea of an invigorating time in Swakopmund, please turn the page. Or do a crossword. Or something. Just go away.

If, on the other hand, screaming in terror, wondering if the underwear is still ok-ish, and an adrenaline rush that’ll make your ears point is more your thing – welcome to Dare Devils!!! If you enjoy the wind whipping through your hair, the earth whizzing past, the ground rushing up at you, sand in your teeth (and occasionally other places normally hidden from view), eyes watering, legs flapping in your wake – you’re home You’re at Dare Devils. The place where those with a lust for life come to play.

We’re talking about the latest extreme sport – sand boarding. And where better than in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay – which boasts the most phenomenal dunes in Africa. Under the watchful eye and expert instruction of Dare Devils’ crew, your terror and ecstasy will take on a whole new meaning! And you’ll be back for more. And more. And – you’ll miss high tea (oh, horrors!).

“ What’s the hype?” the un-initiated, dull, and timid souls might ask… Well, it’s like kissing a pit-bull, really. Slipping it some tongue. Hard to explain, but one of those scenes that keep flashing in your mind’s eye the moment mediocrity creeps up on you.  One of those memories that make you smile in the strangest places. Like when standing in a queue at a bank.

Those folks at Dare Devils are crafty nippers. They know that everyone has a finite amount of adrenaline. And they know that once used up, you’ll need time to produce some more. And they know you don’t do high tea. So here’s the plan: A mind-blowing trip on the meanest quad bikes through the most awe-inspiring dunes on the face of the planet. Stunning scenery, sundowner trips, sheer dunes, and screaming. From delight. and occasional terror. Better than tea. Much better, actually.

Ok, so now it’s over to you, sport. When next in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay, you’ll have choices. High tea? High tea is nice. Mrs. Smythe who works at the post office is nice. Dare Devils? Now that is life altering, reality bending, time warping fun, need new underwear, fun, fun, fun.  Dare Devils. In Namibia. Anything else is a compromise.

© Copyright 2010, Dare Devil Adventures